World Peace Now

World Peace Now is a nonprofit ethical incubator dedicated to fostering world peace now. World Peace Now provides legal, financial and technical infrastructure for ethical, nonprofit, open source projects building tools to assist us all to create world peace now. World Peace Now is currently providing infrastructure for:

Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramYouTube and Medium. Sign up to our newsletter. Join our Facebook group and Telegram. See our Google Drive folderWorld Peace Now is hosted by World Peace Now Foundation CIC which is a nonprofit, community interest company, limited by guarantee (without shares). We are currently raising funding. Welcome!

Other tool ideas include a platform to assist us in a design process to create world peace now, where we can state our personal visions for our desired world; share our visions with others; semantically tag these visions so that computers can help us match and assess our collective visions; create "projects" from these visions that contain "tasks" that we can contribute to (either with funding or with time or with other resources). A large component of World Peace Now will be outreach and integration with other social networks and online resources. All the code powering World Peace Now will be completely free open source software available on GitHub.

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